CEO Letter

The team at Alamance Regional Medical Center is here for you when you're ill, but we're also a powerful ally when you want to maintain or improve good health. In fact, we offer a variety of programs to encourage healthy living.

Prepare for Safe Surgery

If you are scheduled to have a surgical procedure, the wait may make you feel anxious. But there are some steps you can take to prepare yourself for surgery. Not only can these tips help put your mind at ease, they can help reduce the risk of complications.

Adjusting to Life with a New Baby

Brand new babies may be snuggly and sweet – but it's not all cuddling and cooing in the first few months of life. Parents quickly learn there's a lot of crying, diaper changing, feeding and messes involved. It's important to set realistic expectations and reconnect with your partner during this busy time.

Be Healthy Now

Do you need some motivation to get in shape and live a healthier life? Team up with a friend – or 10 friends – for 10 weeks, and you'll have plenty of reasons to stick with it! Be Healthy Now encourages participants to work together in teams to achieve their fitness goals.

Nurse Navigators Help You Find Your Way

A suspected cancer or diagnosis of cancer can be a difficult and emotional time. Patients and their families may feel overwhelmed, uncertain and fearful. Thankfully, nurse navigators at Alamance Regional can serve as a resource to make the situation less complicated.

Is There a Guardian Angel
in Your Life?

The new Guardian Angel program at Alamance Regional gives grateful patients and their loved ones the opportunity to support the hospital's charitable foundation while paying tribute to caregivers who made a memorable difference during the patients' visit or stay.

Classes & Events Winter/Spring of 2012

Healthy Woman; Ask the Doctor; Understanding Cancer; Girls Night Out; Pregnancy, Parenting & Birth; Smoking Cessation Classes; For Seniors; Support Groups; and More!

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