Getting to the Heart of the Matter
Clinical Staff Prepares for Opening of New
Heart and Vascular Center

ICU nursing staff after a simulation education session.

Dorothy Terry, Director of ICU, reviews information with her ICU nursing staff in preparation for the cardiovascular service line.

San Jacinto Methodist Hospital recently provided cardiovascular classes for various hospital clinical departments. The classes are designed to educate members of clinical departments that will manage and assist in the care of future cardiovascular surgical patients.

The classes, which are ongoing, are in preparation for the opening of the new San Jacinto Methodist Hospital Heart and Vascular Center scheduled to start serving patients later this year.

In addition to informational sessions, Wade Fischer, M.D., an experienced cardiovascular and transplant surgeon and Medical Director of the hospital's Heart and Vascular Center, was a guest speaker who provided training and education to the staff.

Coordination of Services

"It has been a goal of the hospital to provide quality cardiovascular surgical care to our community and our patients," says Donna Gares, CEO and President of San Jacinto Methodist Hospital. "We are thrilled that this goal is soon to become a reality. As with many new programs, education and coordination of services is critical. Through simulations, speakers and practice sessions, all clinical staff at San Jacinto Methodist Hospital will be well-prepared to care for our cardiovascular surgical patients."

San Jacinto Methodist Hospital is scheduled to start performing cardiovascular surgeries in the new Heart and Vascular Center before the end of 2010.

For more information about the opening of the new Heart and Vascular Center at San Jacinto Methodist Hospital, please call 281-420-8812.