Support: The Key to Recovery
Cancer Center Offers Many Support Programs

An instructor educates the class at the "Look Good … Feel Better" seminar.

Cancer Registry provides education to patients.

The Patient Navigator helps a patient fill out registration forms.

At San Jacinto Methodist Hospital's Cancer Center, care does not end when the patient is done with treatment. The Cancer Center not only provides advanced technology and experienced expertise in fighting cancer, we also provide many support services to our patients, cancer survivors, their families and friends. It is our belief that by supporting the patient both physically and emotionally we can give them a chance at a better outcome.

A Look at Support Services

Patient Navigator
Patient navigation is a support service in which a trained staff member guides patients through the cancer care system. Patient Navigators act as the support hub for all aspects of the patient's movement through the health care continuum. The Navigator's role is to promote smooth and timely continuity of care from diagnosis through all related activities and services.

Road to Recovery
Through a partnership with the American Cancer Society (ACS), the Cancer Center offers patient transportation for chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

Reach to Recovery
In partnership with the ACS, this program is a medically directed, free patient visitation program for all breast cancer patients. The visitations are conducted by volunteers who are themselves breast cancer survivors, therefore uniquely qualified to help patients cope with the physical, emotional and cosmetic needs related to the disease.

Look Good … Feel Better®
Licensed cosmetologists, trained by the ACS, teach cancer patients how to care for their skin and apply make-up, and how to style wigs or head coverings as they deal with the effects of radiation and chemotherapy.

Cancer Support Group
The Cancer Center hosts a monthly support group for cancer survivors, caregivers, patients, their families and friends. Cancer education is provided and speakers include cancer and medical experts, as well as various community representatives. The group meets the first Tuesday of each month at noon in the Cancer Center Community Room.

Hospital Services
Social workers, complementary massages and hospital chaplains are available to help ease the stress and anxiety caused by illness. Registered dieticians assist by providing a nutritional assessment with the goal of meeting the needs of the individual patient in order to achieve optimal nutritional benefit.

For more information on San Jacinto Methodist Hospital's oncology services and support groups, please call the Cancer Center at 281-420-8557.