Recipient of 'Pathway to Excellence' Designation

San Jacinto Methodist Hospital received the "Pathway to Excellence" designation from the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). This designation identifies health care facilities, like San Jacinto Methodist Hospital, that provide work environments where nurses' careers can flourish and produce high levels of professional satisfaction among nursing staff. To celebrate, the hospital recently hosted a reception for hospital employees.

To earn a "Pathway to Excellence" designation, a facility must undergo a survey designed by the ANCC that documents hospital initiatives focused on creating a positive work environment. The initiatives must be part of the facility's practices, policies and culture.

San Jacinto Methodist Hospital nurses celebrate the "Pathway to Excellence" designation.

Patient Satisfaction Is Our Leading Priority
"By providing our nurses with a great work environment, we increase their job satisfaction, in turn increasing our patient satisfaction. Patient satisfaction and employee satisfaction are our No. 1 priorities," says Jane DeStefano, Chief Nursing Officer, San Jacinto Methodist Hospital. "We are thrilled to celebrate the 'Pathway to Excellence' designation with all of our hospital employees."

To further its commitment to "Pathway to Excellence," San Jacinto Methodist Hospital awarded four nurses with scholarships this year: Shalanda Skinner, RN, who is working on her Bachelor of Science degree in nursing (BSN); Heather Deyoung, LVN, and San Jacinto Methodist Hospital nurses celebrate the "Pathway to Excellence" designation.Diana Fregia, LVN, who are in a program to advance their careers as registered nurses; and Jennifer Luna, RN, who is working toward an advanced degree in nursing, MSN, MBA.

The ANCC asked members of the San Jacinto Methodist Hospital nursing staff to verify the presence of certain career satisfaction criteria through participation in a confidential survey. The hospital scored greater than 90 percent on 21 of 28 items surveyed.

For more information on this recent designation or services provided by San Jacinto Methodist Hospital, please call 832-556-6543.