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“Our delivering physicians now have the ability to remotely access critical patient data from labor and delivery units 24 hours a day.”
– Jodie Turner, MSN, RN, MHA

Your suitcase is packed. The nursery is decorated. You may even have someone scheduled to water the plants while you’re at the hospital delivering your baby. But for normal childbirth, there are two important details you can’t plan precisely – exactly when your labor will begin and where your doctor will be when it does.

That’s why Methodist Willowbrook Hospital has invested in AirStrip OB™ technology for its delivering physicians. AirStrip OB is an innovative mobile medical application that allows physicians to access real-time data, including contraction patterns and fetal heart tracings, over a handheld mobile device such as an iPhone™.

“Our delivering physicians have the ability to remotely access critical patient data from labor and delivery units 24 hours a day – whether they are at the office, at home, out to dinner or anywhere they can get cell phone reception,” says Methodist Willowbrook Women’s Services Director Jodie Turner, MSN, RN, MHA.

Putting Patients First
AirStrip OB is the only application of its kind that is approved by the Food and Drug Administration, and Methodist Willowbrook Hospital physicians are thrilled to be using this cutting-edge mobile medical software.

“The Methodist System’s adoption of AirStrip OB is the direct result of physician advocacy,” Turner says. “Our physicians saw AirStrip OB’s potential to help improve care and reduce risk and said: This is technology that supports Methodists’ commitment to family-centered care services and we want to use it for our patients.”

Critical Data at Physicians’ Fingertips
Just as iPhone applications make sharing pictures, organizing music and storing phone numbers quicker, easier and more convenient for you, AirStrip OB allows physicians to quickly scroll and zoom through critical data, such as fetal heart strips.

Fetal heart data typically prints out on continuous strips of paper that track how well the baby is doing during labor. If there are any signs of fetal distress, a plan needs to be coordinated quickly to deliver the baby in the safest manner possible.

“Time delays can make a significant difference in the care of newborns and their mothers,” says S. Gwynn A. Geddie, MD, medical director of the Well-Baby Nursery and Neonatal ICU. “AirStrip OB’s immediacy is especially crucial in high-risk deliveries.”

Pioneering Personalized Care
AirStrip OB also supports Methodist Willowbrook’s dedication to providing the highest level of personalized care to every patient. For example, a physician can use a push-notification service to send alerts if data suggests a patient needs immediate attention. And the application interfaces with the hospital’s centralized monitoring system and can even provide secure access to patients’ exam records.

“Being able to see patient data myself is invaluable,” says Dudley Baker, MD, FACOG. “Every patient is different and every situation is different.

“AirStrip OB eliminates verbal descriptions that may not be enough to truly assess a situation,” he adds. “It helps me make an informed decision about necessary care when time is of the essence.”

You may not know exactly what time your baby is coming, but Methodist Willowbrook Hospital is dialed in to provide the highest level of personalized care for you and your baby. For more information about AirStrip OB, please contact 281-477-1054.