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Breast cancer screenings provide a tremendous health benefit because they can find cancer at the earliest and most treatable stages. In fact, the five-year survival rate is 97% when breast cancer is caught early. However, it's only natural to feel anxious when it's time to have a mammogram. At Methodist Willowbrook Hospital, we understand the emotions that go along with getting a mammogram, waiting for results and, if needed, determining treatment.

"The technology and expertise at Methodist Willowbrook Hospital sets us apart from most screening and treatment centers," says Tuenchit Khamapirad, MD, Lead Radiologist at Methodist Willowbrook Hospital. "Our highly skilled team of breast care specialists provides the most comprehensive and compassionate care in the area, which helps us give our patients confidence and comfort."

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Get a Mammogram
The Breast Center at Methodist Willowbrook Hospital is now seeing patients on Saturdays from 8 AM to noon. Screening mammograms by appointment only. Call 281-737-1900.

All-Digital Mammography
Methodist Willowbrook Hospital uses all-digital mammography, which offers advantages over traditional film-based mammograms. Two flat surfaces, or plates, compress each breast for a few seconds. Instead of using film to capture X-rays of the breasts, mammogram images are generated digitally and viewed and stored on a computer. The doctor can adjust the image size, brightness and contrast to see the images more clearly. Questionable areas are more visible; therefore, it's less likely a patient will need to return for additional imaging tests because of inconclusive results. Since the images are stored on a computer, it's easier to compare results from year to year and note significant changes.

Another benefit of mammography at Methodist Willowbrook Hospital is computer-aided detection, software that alerts radiologists to abnormal areas that need closer inspection. "Using state-of-the-art technology allows us to give patients clear, detailed information in less time than with traditional mammography," Dr. Khamapirad says. "Reducing that time of not knowing is important so our patients can move forward with their lives."

Here for You, with Answers
From screening to treatment, patients at Methodist Willowbrook Hospital are never alone. Our team is ready to provide the communication and care you deserve. To learn more about the services available or to schedule a mammogram, please call 281-737-1900.

Timely Treatments for Breast Cancer

"If breast cancer is detected, it's our goal to quickly provide the best in education and effective care," says Tuenchit Khamapirad, MD. "A team of breast cancer specialists works together with each patient to customize the best treatment plan."

Treatment options include:

  • Medical oncology. Also known as chemotherapy, medical oncology uses medications to treat cancer. Some chemotherapy drugs are delivered in pill form and others are administered intravenously. In some cases, medical oncology is combined with other treatment, such as surgery.

  • Radiation oncology. Depending on the size and location of the cancer, external radiation therapy may be used to destroy cancer cells. Radiologists and other doctors calculate the amount of radiation as well as the specific location to ensure treatment is as precise as possible with few side effects.

  • High dose rate (HDR) brachytherapy. During HDR brachytherapy treatment, a prescribed amount of radiation is delivered directly to a tumor through catheters. The treatment sessions are brief – usually twice daily over five days. Because it is so targeted, HDR brachytherapy helps conserve the breast. What's more, patients are less likely to experience side effects such as breast swelling or skin irritation.

  • Surgery. A surgical plan may be recommended to remove cancerous tissue from the breast and breast area. Lymph nodes in the breast region and underarm may also be removed.

Methodist Willowbrook Hospital has skilled oncologists, breast surgeons and reconstructive surgeons on staff who work closely with the breast care team. Patients are supported throughout their cancer journey with experienced, compassionate care as well as support groups.