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New Procedure Shrinks Hemorrhoids with Less Pain

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New Procedure Shrinks Hemorrhoids
with Less Pain

A new minimally invasive procedure available at Methodist Willowbrook Hospital is bringing relief to people suffering from hemorrhoids.

About half of the population has hemorrhoids by age 50, and they are also common among pregnant women. Typically, when it is necessary to remove the hemorrhoids, they are surgically removed, causing great pain during recovery.

Physicians at Methodist Willowbrook, however, are among the first in the nation to perform transanal hemorrhoidal dearterialization (THD), a new alternative to the traditional surgery known as a hemorrhoidectomy. The new procedure involves using an ultrasound device to locate the arteries that are supplying blood to the hemorrhoids. Once pinpointed, the culprit arteries are stitched to cut off that supply and the hemorrhoids shrink.

Improved Outcomes and Faster Recovery
"It is really quite a simple concept that ultimately leads to better and longer lasting results," said Khawaj Azimuddin, MD, a Methodist Willowbrook colorectal surgeon, and the first outside the Texas Medical Center to perform THD. "Because patients experience minimal pain and a more rapid recovery than past procedures, many that have been suffering for years now have a more viable option."

Judith Trahan, a 69-year-old patient of Dr. Azimuddin, is a prime example. "I had the problem for 10 years and it kept getting worse," Trahan says. "I heard so many horror stories about surgery that I was scared to go through with it. I was happy Dr. Azimuddin had another choice for me." And at her follow-up 10 days later, she was virtually pain-free.

Dr. Azimuddin is co-author of Surgical Treatment of Hemorrhoids, a well-known guide for colorectal surgeons. For more information regarding THD, please contact Methodist Willowbrook Hospital at 281-737-2500.

"The new procedure, THD, is really quite a simple concept that ultimately leads to better and longer lasting results."
– Khawaj Azimuddin, MD, colorectal surgeon