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Caring for Moms and Babies
Like Part of Our Family

It happens time and again. After giving birth at Methodist Willowbrook Hospital, former patients decide they simply must return – as a patient having another baby or even becoming a part of the Methodist Willowbrook family. Bringing a child into the world in such a warm and compassionate environment convinces many that they can't be satisfied working anywhere else.

"What better way to recruit employees than to have actual patients coming back saying, 'I want to work for Methodist Willowbrook because I experienced such great care here!'" says Jodie M. Turner, RN, MSN, MHA, director of Family-Centered Care at Methodist Willowbrook. One of our patients, Anupam Sidhu, MD, decided to practice medicine at Methodist Willowbrook after she delivered her baby here. The physician and new mom stated, "The exceptional care I experienced shows the high expectations of care and service at Methodist Willowbrook Hospital. As a physician, I want to practice medicine in that kind of environment – for me and for my patients."

Now there's even more to be proud of in the Women's and Children's Pavilion, which has undergone a significant expansion to provide comprehensive care all in one place. Expanded services now include all private rooms, a nine-bed, high-risk antepartum unit for expectant moms who require in-hospital monitoring and a higher-level specialty care in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

Kiran Tam Tam, MD

"Methodist Willowbrook has always provided antepartum care for maternity patients as part of its labor and delivery unit," Turner notes, "but the new dedicated rooms allow the hospital to offer high-risk mothers – those who may be experiencing early labor, pregnancy-induced high blood pressure or other complications – the ability to stay at the hospital to complete their pregnancy and deliver their baby or babies." Supporting mothers-to-be through all phases of care – pre-term labor, labor, delivery and post-partum experience – ensures continuity of care and also makes for happy moms. "We take care of every patient like they are a part of our Methodist Willowbrook Hospital family – and many times they actually are!" says Turner.

Kiran Tam Tam, MD, a Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist with Texas Children's Hospital, says, "High-risk pregnancies require specialized care and Methodist Willowbrook Hospital provides state-of-the-art technology and care for these patients."

Physicians can view their patients' fetal monitoring results remotely via "OB airstrips," which transmit vital information to a device – an important safety mechanism and a physician-satisfier. "Our patient population is very savvy," says Turner. "They want to know about the hospital's technological capabilities and how they are utilized to provide the best care possible."

"The labor and delivery unit is an especially busy place as the number of babies born at Methodist Willowbrook has increased from approximately 2,000 to 3,000 deliveries annually," Turner says. The babies who are born prematurely – typically before 37 weeks of pregnancy – are cared for in the expanded NICU. The new NICU is located on the third floor of the Women's and Children's Pavilion and features private rooms where moms can stay with their babies.

"Sometimes newborn babies are born prior to the full gestation period, or prematurely, or a baby is born needing other stabilizing care," says Turner. "In these situations, a NICU setting with additional care is needed." Methodist Willowbrook's commitment to care includes staffing the NICU with Neonatologists and Neonatal Nurse Practitioners who are also on staff at Texas Children's Hospital and have been specially trained in the care of the premature infant. These physician and nurse practitioner specialists provide coverage in the NICU 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Adel ElHennawy, MD, medical director of the Methodist Willowbrook Hospital NICU, states, "The neonatal nurses at Methodist Willowbrook, along with the Neonatologists, work together to provide expert-level care to infants needing attention above and beyond the typical newborn. You can rest assured that your questions will be answered and that your concerns will be relieved because we put our hearts and souls into caring for your baby. We are thankful to have a NICU that allows moms to stay with their babies, which provides critical bonding for a new family."

Methodist Willowbrook Hospital prides itself on family-centered care from the birthing center to the NICU and throughout pediatric services. "Even after babies are discharged from our NICU, we send personal invitations to patients and their families to come back to visit," Turner says. "We care about the progress of these infants and want to see how the babies are growing and developing."