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Expanding to Meet the Needs of Our Community

Architect renderings of the North Pavilion, the hospitalís atrium and a patient room.

Excellence in health care isnít built in a day. Itís built on a continuing commitment to technological advances, enhanced services and dedicated care. Thatís why Methodist Willowbrook Hospital is expanding our facilities to grow with you.

"The entire hospital has been going through a major renovation that began in the fall of 2007," says Andy Fisk, Director of Facilities, Methodist Willowbrook Hospital. "The biggest visual change includes increasing our physical size from 270,000 square feet to more than 800,000 square feet."

The Methodist Hospital System has invested more than $240 million to expand the Methodist Willowbrook campus, including $30 million in new medical equipment for the facility. "This financial commitment shows the value placed in Methodist Willowbrook Hospitalís services to the community," Fisk says.

Methodist is the only hospital in the area that has a direct connection to the Texas Medical Center, linking together physician expertise, electronic medical records, quality review processes and more.

Expanding Key Medical Services
"Our goal is to meet the growing demand for specialty and emergency services in a facility that matches the quality of our technology and care," says Fisk. He identifies the key hospital areas that will offer enhanced services due to the expansion:

Emergency Department – While more than doubling in size, state-of-the-art imaging equipment will be included in the new Emergency Department. CT capabilities will allow us to diagnose patients quickly without sending them out of the department. The new space will also help us streamline patient flow and provide immediate access to emergency care.

Methodist DeBakey Heart and Vascular Center – An entire spectrum of heart care – from prevention and wellness to emergency care, diagnostic testing, treatment and intervention, recovery and rehabilitation – will be managed by clinical and physician experts and supported by leading-edge technology. Methodist enjoys an international reputation for cardiac care and is pleased to extend this quality into the northwest community.

Intensive Care Unit – The Hospital is more than doubling the size of the ICU to 32 beds. Another 64 new acute-care patient beds are being added, bringing the total bed capacity to 241 by yearís end.

Stroke Care – As a certified Level II Stroke Center, our stroke expertise is supported by sophisticated neurological intervention procedures and technology and expert physicians. In the event of a stroke, the faster a patient is diagnosed and gets treatment, the better – because time lost is brain lost. The goal of providing stroke patients with advanced care as quickly as possible has led Methodist Willowbrook Hospital to establish rapid-fire diagnostic and treatment protocols.

Imaging Department – Providing convenient imaging services in one easy-to-access location will minimize the stress that often accompanies an appointment for medical tests. The latest whole-body 3 Tesla MRI is being added to provide state-of-the-art image resolution while reducing exam times.

Focusing on Patientsí Needs
The expanded facility will be staffed by highly trained nurses and other medical professionals with extensive knowledge and experience to provide the best patient care possible.

"Weíre thrilled that weíre nearing completion with an anticipated grand opening date in the spring," Fisk says. "The extra capacity and higher levels of technology added to our facility will allow Methodist Willowbrook Hospital to deliver care more efficiently and effectively to residents of Northwest Houston – now and for years to come."