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Pediatric Care: Trusted Experts, Here for You

A child's illness or injury can be overwhelming and stressful for families. Methodist Willowbrook Hospital provides outstanding pediatric services all in one place so you don't have to worry about where to go for care. Our new pediatric unit is staffed by Texas Children's Hospital physicians 24/7. Whether your child is treated in our Emergency Department or admitted to the pediatric unit, your family will encounter expert staff in a warm, caring environment.

Level III Nursery to Open in Spring 2011
Parents have peace of mind knowing that Methodist Willowbrook Hospital's neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) is here should they need it. To meet the needs of more infants requiring specialized care, plans are under way for a Level III NICU to open in the Women's and Children's Pavilion.

Level II: The hospital's current Level II NICU cares for infants born at 30 weeks or later, including those who need temporary breathing assistance on a ventilator for 24 to 48 hours. Infants requiring more specialized care are transferred to Texas Children's Hospital.

Level III: The new Level III NICU will be equipped to care for premature infants born at 27 to 28 gestation, including those requiring long-term breathing assistance on a ventilator. The eight-bed unit for Level III infants will be housed on the same floor as the Level II NICU, providing a cohesive environment for staff and families.

Additional benefits:
• Infant rooms will allow for parents
  to stay comfortably overnight.
• A lactation specialist will be
  dedicated to working with Level III
  infants and their mothers.
• Texas Children's Hospital
  neonatologists will be on-site 24/7.

Partnership with Texas Children's Hospital

"When we decided to expand our pediatric services, the choice was clear to partner with Texas Children's Hospital," says Jodie M. Turner, RN, MSN, MHA, Director of Family-Centered Care at Methodist Willowbrook Hospital. "The pediatric program at Texas Children's Hospital has a track record for excellence, and so do we. Bringing our strengths together is a wonderful opportunity that benefits pediatric patients and families in our community.

"Texas Children's physicians are on-site at Methodist Willowbrook and available to care for pediatric patients any time, day or night. Many of the hospital's pediatric nurses also have years of experience with Texas Children's.

"The philosophies, policies and protocols of Texas Children's Hospital guide everything we do. We're pulling from their experience and greatness to incorporate one more layer of excellence at Methodist Willowbook," Turner adds.

Welcome to the Pediatric Unit

"The pediatric unit at Methodist Willowbrook Hospital is unique and completely separate from adult care, unlike many community hospitals that combine adult and pediatric inpatient care," Turner explains.

Highlights include:

  • All private rooms that allow parents to stay overnight with their child
  • Eight pediatric beds (with plans to expand if more space is needed)
  • Recently refurbished unit with warm and inviting décor, including artwork created by pediatric patients
  • A secured unit that keeps children safe (only authorized staff, family and guests are allowed on the unit)
  • A kid-friendly staff of neonatologists, anesthesiologists, pediatricians, nurses and support staff

Inpatient and Short-Stay Observation

Families in Northwest Houston count on Methodist Willowbrook for critical care, including serious illnesses or injuries requiring hospitalization. When children need medical observation rather than inpatient or emergency care, the short-stay pediatric observation unit fills that need. Some reasons for short-stay observation include:

  • Pain management: for a child recovering from surgery
  • Fluid hydration: for a child recovering from illness or surgery
  • Watching or monitoring symptoms: when a pediatrician or family doctor recommends admitting the child to the hospital for observation
Specialty Services
Methodist Willowbrook Hospital offers specialty services in pediatrics to meet the demand for two high-need areas:

Neurology – Head injuries and concussions are common in children and teens, especially in young athletes. A neurologist evaluates head injuries, seizures and other neurological problems.

Allergy/Immunology – A growing number of children have seasonal allergies or food allergies that require medical treatment. An allergist helps patients develop a plan to avoid triggers and control symptoms.

To find a pediatric specialist at Methodist Willowbrook Hospital, please call the Physician Referral service at 281-737-2500.

Filling a Growing Need

The addition of the Methodist Willowbrook pediatric unit is in response to the members of our community who advocated for pediatric services close to home. Northwest Houston is evolving as a community, with a growing number of young families living here and seeking quality health care.

"Our goal is to be the place families come to and trust every step of the way," Turner shares. "It starts with prenatal care and birth, and continues with specialized care for infants and children – we want families to know we are here, if and when they need us."

The pediatric unit is part of Family-Centered Care at Methodist Willowbrook, conveniently located in the South Pavilion of our hospital campus. If you need help choosing a pediatrician, our Physician Referral service can assist you. To access this referral service, visit www.methodistwillowbrook.com or call 281-737-2500.